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The Metaphoric Context

You have chosen to use the Research Observatory (RO) in the star map and observatory context. In this context the site is divided into "rooms". From each room you can see a number of "constellations", a constellation being a collection of resources about a particular subject related to research. Within each constellation you will find a contents page to help you find your way around that subject, a further reading list, a glossary of terms and a set of learning materials. The learning materials are split into three types:

  • Explore - these provide you with information about that topic
  • Engage - these give you an opportunity to interact with the ideas and with activities to help you to understand the topic
  • Apply - these activities encourage you apply the topic to your own research interests

If you roll the cursor over the central observatory button in the map below, the rooms will open up and you can then roll the cursor over any of the room buttons to see which constellations of learning materials are visible from that room. Clicking on the room name will take you directly to that room. Clicking on any of the constellation names will take you directly to that constellation.

If your computer does not display the map, switch to the literal context to begin navigating the RO. You can switch back to this context at any time by using the context drop down box in the left hand navigation panel.